Honda CB400 Super Four – Wonderful Journey With The Legend

Posted: September 15, 2017 in Honda CB400
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Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

Bismillah, This time i want to share my experience on using  Honda CB400 Superfour “The Legend” for almost 1 year. Actually, this bike has been sold 1 year ago but her memory always cross through my mind so I decide to write about her 🙂

Yes, This bike has a wonderful typical 4 Cylinders Sound which I can’t forget 🙂 and also she  can be modified easily into many modification concept. I use 1997 Production Year Honda CB400 Superfour with 53 HP@11000 rpm power and 36 Nm@10000 rpm torque. Like other most 4 cylinders bike, peak power was gained at high RPM. Detailed specs can be seen at

Welcome Home – Hunting

After long discussion with my wife, I decided on having 400cc 4 Cylinders bike. The Choice was between Honda CB400 Superfour and Suzuki GSF 400 “Bandit” because i prefer Non-Fairing bike. Finally, Honda CB400 was choosen because she fits my character. Easy to ride on low RPM, comfortable turning radius, and powerful power on High RPM (Suzuki Bandit also has a powerful power on high RPM)


a choice between Honda CB400 Superfour and Suzuki GSF 400 “Bandit”

First Time Use – Adaptation

So, I started to adapting to ride this Bike. My first impression was the riding position almost similar with Honda Tiger 200cc (other bike producted in Indonesia) but more weighty. Aftermarket Exhaust has been installed and it gained attention on the street because of rareness of this bike and also the sound itself . At first time use, I just do a minor modification on this bike such as :

  • Gold Repainted Rims
  • Windshield
  • Original Real Mirror
  • Expedition Handguard

I already try this bike for long distance ride around 500km from Tangerang to Garut Indonesia without any problem and the handling was good, and also I try this bike at Safety Riding Course Track.



Photoshoot @ Alam Sutera Tangerang


Touring Darajat Pass Garut




Safety Riding Course Honda Big Bike


For routine maintenance, there was no problem on finding fast moving part for this bike in Indonesia because of some part you can subtitute with the mass production bike part in Indonesia.

  • SparkPlug –> NGK CR8EHIX-9 Iridium (Easy to find on Indonesia market place (tokopedia,bukalapak,etc) price between IDR 90k-100k ). Need 4 Pcs. change every 5-10k km depends on combustion condition.
  • Oil Filter –> similar part with Kawasaki Ninja 250/ER6, Honda Jazz, Nissan Grand Livina. Brand such as Sakura, K&N, Kawasaki, Honda (price between IDR 25k-250k). Change every 2 engine oil change.
  • Engine oil –>  10W-40. Need 3 Litres. Semi-syn change every 3000km, Fully-syn change every 5000km
  • Front and Rear brake pad –>similar with Honda CBR250R non ABS,  change every 2-3 month depending on usage.
  • Radiator Coolant –> Engine Ice. Routine check if any leak. Flush yearly.

recommendation workshop for this CB400 in Indonesia, you can go to Bengkel Mang Endang Bekasi, Firman Gambot Gading Serpong Tangerang. Or Teras MotorSport at jalan Panjang Kebon Jeruk Jakarta also can be referenced for doing service/Tune Up CB400. Routine Tune Up such as :

  • Cleaning the Carburetor
  • Balancing / Synchronize the Carb
  • Cleaning the sparkplug
  • Change Engine Oil
  • and light check on bike

For the cost it was between IDR 250k – 400k depends on workshop. For Last Tune Up I go to Bengkel Firman Gambot because it was near my office.


Tune Up + Carb Balancing @ Endang Motor


Tune Up + Carb Balancing @ Bengkel Firman Gambot

Modification – Part 1

After 4 month using this bike, i had a plan to modify this bike. My reference on this modification was Flat Cafe Racer Concept. I deliver this bike to  RawknRawlGarage workshop for modification Job.






Finally modification job finish after 3 weeks.Modification item :

  • Rear Frame Custom
  • Rear Panel custom with plate
  • Seat Custom
  • Aftermarket tail lamp &  headlamp
  • Headlamp grill
  • Slip on exhaust supertrapp model

Finish – Part 1




Modification – Part 2

Modification Part 1 lasted only 5 month, because i want to try new concept in my bike with knock down system which mean I can still revert back to “Modification – Part 1”.

The Concept for part 2 is Brat Cafe. And this is the reference


This time I trusted Ajat Custom at Karang Mulya Tangerang to do a modification job


Progress custom brat cafe

After 2 weeks modification job tha covers :

  • Rear Frame Custom
  • Front and rear fender custom
  • Black Repainted Rims
  • Custom seat

This is the final result

Brat Cafe Honda CB400

It was so great 🙂

After using this bike for almost 1 year, i decide to sell because i want to try another bike. But In my deepest heart , one day i want to own this bike again. Maybe VTEC Revo 3 type. 🙂

The New Owner of this bike also doing the modification job to this bike. Here is some of the result :

Enter a caption

If you want to here the sound, you can check on this Video CB400 Brat Cafe. & Video Safety Riding Course

So… this is my experience on using Honda CB400 Super four. What a wonderful bike! Hope you enjoy!

Sorry for my bad English 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Dymas Arya Hutama


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